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Creating art of many different mediums is how I maintain a meaningful life. I started to produce content for fun, I then realized it was a way to grow an open mind, start a conversation, and serve others. I received my associate's degree in film at Flashpoint Chicago in 2016. Since then, I have been a documentary filmmaker at a regional office of education, West40. I am driven to be creative in finding different ways to showcase and honor the educators and at-risk youth that we serve. Projects through Monica Medina Media have been great opportunities to make something different, I will always continue to take on work from new or my regular clients. On one last note, music is also a well-loved lifestyle of mine. When I am away from my regular work, I love to add to my growing vinyl collection (over 350+ titles of all styles), write songs, and play shows with my band. Being surrounded by art and being creative is 24/7 for me! 



It is Monica Medina Media's pleasure to provide talent and services to projects of all kinds, whether it is promoting a business, capturing special moments at an event, or making a band look cool. Monica Medina Media visual media specializes in videography, post-production, and portrait photography.


Do you have a project in mind? Let's start a conversation together!


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